Frequently Asked Seafarer Questions

Can an application be submitted prior to a seafarer being offered a job on a ship?


Only authorized Filing Agents can apply for seafarer documents.

Applications sent by individual seafarers will not be considered.

If you are a seafarer who will be working on a Luxembourg vessel, please contact your employer to request Luxembourg documents.


What is a Luxembourg Endorsement?

A Luxembourg Endorsement is issued on the basis of a National Certificate of Competence granted to the seafarer by a national government recognised by the Luxembourg Maritime Administration through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).


What is the application processing time?

Luxembourg Confirmation of Receipt of Application (CRA) are issued within 48 hours of submission.

Seaman’s Book and Endorsement applications are processed within 5 business days from the date of submission and shipped out to the address designated by the Applicant.

Shipment times vary depending on recipient’s location.


Can I change or cancel a submitted application?

Once an application is submitted through SEA System, it cannot be modified.

Please contact us for any changes or cancellations.

To avoid duplicate documents, please do not resubmit an application for the same seafarer.


What is the validity of a Luxembourg Seaman Book?

Luxembourg Seaman Books are valid for a period of five (5) years.


How do I renew a Seaman Book?

A new application must be submitted in order to renew a Seaman Book.


Can a Seaman Book serve as a Passport?


Shipowners and seafarers are responsible for securing the necessary authorizations for their travelling arrangements.


What is the validity period of a CRA?

A Confirmation of Reception of an Application (CRA) for a Seaman book is valid for 3 months.

A CRA for an endorsement attesting the recognition of a CoC is valid for 3 months.

Shipowners are responsible for ensuring seafarers obtain their original documentation prior to the expiry of the 3-month validity period.

NB: Seafarers serving on Luxembourg-flagged oil, chemical and gas tankers must be in possession of their originals when boarding the vessel.


How should crew changes be recorded?

An updated electronic crew list must be submitted within 8 working days of any crew change.

Updated crewlists should be communicated to EFS by email.

The dates on which seafarer sign-on and sign-off should also be recorded in the designated section of his or her Luxembourg seaman book.


Can we obtain a certified Sea service record?


A record of seafarer navigation period may be submitted, in duplicate, for endorsement by the Luxembourg Maritime Administration.

The record submitted for signature should only reflect actual navigation periods, exclusive of any leave and holidays, and must comply with the provisions of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006.


Do repair technicians require a seaman’s book?

No, unless the technician will be on-board for more than seven (7) days.

The Owner should however provide the following details regarding the technician:

  • Full name;
  • Purpose;
  • Date of birth;
  • Nationality;
  • Anticipated duration of stay on board.

To avoid any issues with port authorities, it may also be prudent to record technician(s) as supernumeraries on the Crew List.


Do on-board guests require a seaman’s book?

No since they do not perform professional functions on-board.

To avoid any issues with Port Authorities, it may however be prudent to record guest(s) as supernumeraries in the crew list.

Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic, 1965 as amended (FAL Convention) – Section 2.7.4. Recommended Practice

Does Luxembourg issue its own Certificates of Competency?


The Luxembourg Maritime Administration only issue endorsements recognising National Certificates of Competency from EU Member States and States with which it has signed Memoranda of Understanding for the issuance of an Endorsement Attesting the Recognition of a Certificate of Competence required by Regulation I/10 of the STCW Convention.

A full list of Countries for which Luxembourg recognises certificates can be found here.

Can a vessel sail without a fully qualified cook on a temporary basis?

In exceptional circumstances, the Luxembourg Maritime Administration may issue an authorization for a seafarer to serve on board as non-fully qualified cook.

The authorization may only be granted for a specified period not exceeding one month or until the next convenient port of call.

The seafarer must be trained or instructed in areas including food and personal hygiene, as well as handling and storage of food on board.