Electronic Record Books

Luxembourg authorizes the use of electronic Record Books for MARPOL record-keeping requirements


  • Hard copies are still considered the official Record Book;
  • Entries must be printed in the format specified by the relevant International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) Annex.
  • Each printed entry must be signed by the officer in charge;
  • Each printed page must be sequentially-number and signed by the master;
  • Any corrections or additions must be made in the Electronic Record Book.
  • Hard copies must be readily available upon request by Flag or Port State Control inspectors.

Manufacturer Requirements

The Record Book manufacturer must provide a software conformance certificate issued by a Luxembourg authorized Recognised Organisations declaration of conformity with the following standards:


Launched in 2017, the electronic Oil Record Book (eORB) is a local software application installed on on-board computers and shore-based offices to facilitate accurate Oil Record Book (Part I & Part II) entries. Efficient electronic entries mitigate risks of deficiencies, detentions and regulatory penalties arising from the following circumstances:

  • incorrect entries;
  • lost oil record books;
  • undocumented internal oily mixture transfers;
  • discrepancies between Oil record book entries and actual oily water separator capacity; and
  • falsified log entries.

Access is restricted to authorized users with valid login credentials. The eORB provides a transparent, securely backed-up electronic Oil Record Book, allowing easy retrieval of archived data by vessel and shore-based users.  All data communicated from the vessel to shore-based users are encrypted, precluding unauthorized manipulation or abstraction.

Certified by Lloyd’s Register

The eORB conforms to MARPOL requirements and is certified by Lloyd’s Register according to MEPC.1/Circ. 736/Rev. 2 guidelines.

In 2017, eORb was recognized with the Lloyd’s List Maritime Services Award, Lloyd’s List Intelligence Innovation Award Lloyd’s and List North America Maritime Services Award.

Additional Information