Our Mission

In our role as government-accredited Maritime Manager, we act as your Luxembourg Maritime custodian

EFS’ mission is to secure your vessel assets in the Luxembourg Ship Registry, monitor their legality and mitigate operational risks to their profitability and residual value.

Our corporate compliance culture strives to uphold the highest safety, security, labour and environmental standards so shipowners and investors can flag their ships with confidence in a trustworthy jurisdiction.

Our Values

Client Care

We measure success by vessel quality and client satisfaction. When clients entrust us with their ships, we commit to listen to their needs and propose constructive solutions tailored to their circumstances. EFS’ dedicated team provides personalized Luxembourg ship registration services and 24/7 operations support. Our responsiveness and readiness to assist make us a reliable long-term partner for shipowners and investors.


Luxembourg is internationally recognized as a quality registry and stable jurisdiction. Our commitment to upholding these high safety, security, labour and environmental standards is central to retaining the trust of international clients. Our compliance culture emphasizes regular communication, integrity and transparency, allowing shipowners and investors to flag with confidence without any reputational risk.


As the foremost Luxembourg maritime expert, EFS boasts unparalleled expertise in ship registration, maritime regulation, technical matters and shipping company accreditation. Our strong cast of experienced maritime professionals includes maritime lawyers, naval architects, ship registration experts masters, officers as well as classification society, maritime administration and shipping company veterans.

Sensitive to the dynamic needs of different maritime stakeholders, we leverage our deep relationship network in Luxembourg and globally to deliver the best results for our international clientele. Promoting high service standards is key to our objective to make Luxembourg the flag of choice for quality shipowners and investors


Achieving client satisfaction without compromising quality requires focus, discipline and a drive for continual improvement. We constantly seek to enhance our service delivery to satisfy your evolving needs. Our two-pronged growth strategy is founded upon a commitment to innovation through technology and a pragmatic approach to compliance with prevailing maritime norms. As champion of the Luxembourg maritime sector, we play a leading role in the development and implementation of a modern national regulatory framework that helps our clients achieve their goals and compete on a global scale.