U.S. Coast Guard Targeting of Ship Management & Charterers

25 October 2019

USCG issues new Ship Management Filtering Guidelines

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) maintains a list of Targeted Ship Managers (owners, operators) and Charterers that have been associated with two or more vessel detentions in the U.S. within the past twelve months. The list is updated monthly and sent to all Coast Guard Port State Control Officers.

The USCG started collecting charterer information in 2002 through its Notice of Arrival process. The intent was to better identify the charterers associated with substandard vessels, since the chartering entity that contracts for the majority of cargo space has control over vessel selection and, therefore, the condition of the vessel they choose to hire.

A vessel that is owned, operated or chartered by a person or entity that has had that vessel, or a different vessel, subject to more than one detention within the last twelve months is a higher priority for increased Coast Guard Port State Control examinations.

The USCG will inform Owners, Operators and Master’s of a detention of their vessel following the port State control boarding. The USCG will send a letter to the vessels charterer with details of the detention of a chartered vessel and notifying them of the possibility of placement on the USCG’s targeted charterers list.

Additional information is available on the USCG’s website.

Please contact our Operations department for any additional information.