EFS' Senior Ops Manager Speaks at Alma Mater

23 February 2019

Annika Krsteski returns to Hochschule Flensburg to deliver insights on forging a successful career in shipping

22 February 2019

Drawing heavily on her own work experience, EFS Senior Operations Manager Annika Krsteski shared her perspective with Hochschule Flensburg students and alumni on the life of a maritime professional.

Annika offered a window into her current role monitoring the regulatory compliance of the EFS-managed Luxembourg fleet and troubleshooting Ship Owner queries. Skills developed at Hochschule Flensburg help her tackle daily professional challenges and navigate the demands of the shipping industry.


“Returning to speak in a familiar setting, so instrumental to my own career development, was an enriching experience” Annika commented afterwards “Hopefully my success can provide a relatable example for the next generation of Flensburg’s aspiring maritime professionals”.